Friday, September 9, 2011


The non-profit entity that owns most of the land surrounding my parents' cottage (and several dozen other private cottages) recently closed a section of the one-lane road that runs along the lake. Now it's just for pedestrians and bicyclists. That's nice.

Oscar doesn't care about boulders blocking the road

The closing was supposed to start at the east end of my parents' property, so we would still be able to reach our driveway from the west. It's the only way to get to the property other than driving through the neighbors' land behind us to get to ours. Makes sense, right?

Evidently not.
The boulders have been placed just west of our property.
Leaving no legal access.

This is not a closure that will easily be thwarted.

So, for now we take a deep breath and wait, because we feel that we have legal standing and that patience will out to get this odd situation resolved. And in the meantime, to clarify for our visitors which way to turn (through the neighbors' land) to get to our place, we have a sign of our own.

Most of the church choir members will be arriving tonight after dark,
so this is what will greet them:
A large sign with our family name, and below that...

Signage by my older brother and my darling niece.

We know the choir members will feel, as they do every year, right at home.


  1. At last I get to see the boulder blockage. I didn't realize there were so many of them!

  2. Oh, my. I am not sure that I truly understand all of this. Whew.
    Wishing you the unblockage soon.

  3. oh, p.s.
    I do love the cocktail sign.
    Wish I could be there.


Thank you!