Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Angry Birds Bees

About 6pm I was standing at the kitchen sink
and noticed a lot of activity
in the air outside our windows.

Uh oh.


Our neighbors have beehives that they started a year ago spring,
but I have not seen angry bees before.
So...are these their bees?
The hives are along our south lot line
but rarely interfere with our lives.

Then I caught sight of our neighbor Chris,
outfitted in his beekeeper suit, hat, veil, and gloves.
Must be their bees I'm seeing buzzing around so angrily.
They were even lighting on our windows.

I called the neighbor's house and found out
the residents of one of the hives
were a little agitated.
So, best not to go out the back door just yet.

The front of the house was safe, though,
so Oscar and I went out for a walk.
While we walked,
I thought about whether I would be able to go to my exercise class,
since the bees were buzzing madly over our driveway
and in front of our garage.
I might have to stay home.

But, no.
By the time Oscar and I returned to the house,
all was quiet in Beeland.


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