Thursday, July 12, 2012

Silver lining

 Cut flowers from our garden, ready to travel to the cottage

There may be a silver lining to G's most recent trips to the ER and subsequent hospitalization: while he was there he was seen by a neurologist who suggested a medicine that might help smooth his gait and make it easier for him to walk and move.  G has taken the medicine for 9 days, and the physical therapist who is working with him at home thinks he has seen some improvement.  And so far, no bad side effects.  So prayers said and fingers crossed that this drug helps, as G's geriatrician says this medicine is only effective for a small percentage of people with parkinsonism.

We leave in a few hours for 10 days at my parents' cottage in Wisconsin for our annual family reunion, one of the highlights of my year.  I think G is strong enough to make the trip; the big question mark is getting him out of the house, which involves going down 5 stairs to the back door.  He hasn't done stairs since the first trip to the ER June 18th.  More prayers and crossed fingers.

Have a good week, everyone!

Our normal Thursday delivery of CSA boxes 
ready for the subscribers to pick up.
One of my neighbors will be entrusted with our garage door opener
so she can open and close the garage on Thursdays while we're gone.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot mama

 Ten days ago I took a picture of this robin's nest,
tucked behind the vines on the trellis G built.  
Can't see it?  Look closely.

Now do you see it?  
Sheltered behind the clematis flowers.

 Two of the three eggs are visible
(if one is atop a step ladder with one's camera).

For a while I wondered why I never saw a robin sitting on the nest.
Then I realized that I only looked when I came out the back door, 
which is right by the trellis.

D'oh!  Of course I'm not seeing a bird; I keep scaring them away.

Today, in yet another 100 plus degree day,
I was able to see one of the parents.
The other flew off just before I took this picture from inside our back door.