Thursday, September 22, 2011

One of the fine ones

Freshman year, Brown University

Today is my dad's birthday.

His mother would tell people she had "four fine boys."
With no irony.

The wives of the four fine boys loved that phrase,
and we kids grew to love it, too.
There was always a lot of teasing about it.

The four fine boys with their parents, wives, children.
My dad is the tallest one in the back row.
(I'm the deer-in-the-headlights one standing at the right, holding my aunt's hand.)

We think we got very lucky,
being the children of one of the four fine boys.

And, of course, I think we got the finest of the lot.

Happy Birthday, Dadder. We love you.


  1. Oh, this is fun to see the photos - past and present. I agree that we got the finest of the fine for our dad.

  2. Great pics!! Lots of love!! 91-wow!!!

  3. I love our patriarch. And our family.

  4. birthday greetings xxxx thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment, I hadn't realised you were blogging again. take care, Tess x


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