Monday, December 5, 2011

Tromp l'oeil

We have a big pine tree in the back yard.

It used to be little.

For Christmas, we would twine it with white lights.

As it got bigger,
it required employment of a telescoping pole
to drape the lights at the top.

And then a step ladder plus the telescoping pole.

Then one year I decided
(because by then I was doing this on my own)
the tree had gotten too big for me to continue the tradition.

The back yard looked so dark.
It made me sad.

* * *

The next year, a lightening bolt idea.

Since then, it's all been easy.

Susan Branch says putting lights outside your home is a gift to your neighbors.
This tree is a gift to me, too!

Edited to add: Linked to Thrifty Household's Making Winter blog hop!


  1. Ginnie, you're a genius! I agree with Susan Branch. The neighbours behind us draped their back yard with lights this year and it's so beautiful to see when we come in to the dark driveway at night.

  2. I agree. You are a genius. It's beautiful!

  3. Yes, genius is the word springing to my mind too.

  4. I love it & totally agree with Mrs Miacwber-genius! Thanks for linking...

  5. Absolutely brilliant - this made me smile.

  6. This is so clever - it made me laugh out loud. And you've solved the problem forever, no matter how big the tree grows...Love it!

  7. That is a lovely idea, our outside lights are only half working this year. Must remember to look for some in the sales


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