Friday, December 30, 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful after Christmas

Oscar, by Carlie.

Even though Planet Penny isn't hosting Cheerfulness again until after the new year, I still like sharing my bright spots.

We had a great Christmas with my family, and G held up well all day, with just an hour nap. On Thanksgiving he was worn out after only 3 hours, so it was a big relief to me that he was enjoying himself for such a long stretch on Christmas Day. As well, it was a beautiful cold but sunny, dry day, with no hazardous road conditions (unlike last year) for our 60-some-mile drive to my brother's.

My younger sister had G's name in the Christmas name draw (actually her husband did, but she took on the responsibility) and made G a throw - wool on one side, cotton flannel on the other, with his initial appliqued in red on the hem. She made sure it was long enough for cozy naps on the couch as well as machine washable. It was put to good use right away.

G taking a nap on Christmas Day under his new throw.

My older sister had my name, and, as she does for each gift, created art for the To/From tag. It's not just the quality of her work, it's the imagination and creativity she has to create a drawing just for the recipient. Oscar wearing a Santa hat, with a jingle bell on his red collar, was on my gift - pictured at the top of the post. So sweet.

She gave me two of the things on my wish list - special socks, and a donation to Cathedral Shelter. We all have so much, I'm always glad to have a donation made as a Christmas gift.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, and I was able to walk Oscar before the sun set, so could enjoy some of the Christmas decorations in daylight for a change.

Shadows of snowflakes in the late afternoon winter sun.

And last for this week, since we didn't have choir rehearsal on Thursday night, some of us got together for dinner and a movie.

Hugo in 3D. So much fun. The grand old 1920's theatre we chose to attend, which is one of the few of the old suburban ones that has not been cut up into multiple smaller theatres, was new to everyone in the group except me, so there was much oh-ing and ah-ing over the restored space.

It's been a good week. Hope yours has been, too.


  1. That throw looks so cozy, it makes me want to climb under the covers right now. What a wonderful picture of Oscar - worth framing. How talented your sister must be.

    There's a beautiful old theatre in Milwaukee that I think must be similar to the one you visited - all Art Deco and very gorgeous.

    Glad you had good weather for the day, and that G held up so well.

  2. What a cosy throw, and I love the colour. I'm so you and the family had a good Christmas day with G and he was able to enjoy it.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Hugo, it sounds wonderful. Thanks for joining in now I'm back to normal on Planet Penny, it's so nice to link up!

    Penny xx

  3. Whoops, typo alert! That to say I'm *glad* about your Christmas day...that's what comes of typing one handed with Higgins draped over one arm!

  4. A nice warm throw to be sure! How wonderful to be all snuggly on the couch with such a throw. Hugo. Can't wait to see that one. Happy Week!

  5. What a perfect gift the throw was, there is nothing better than a present that gets used straight away.

    That snowflake shadow is just beautiful in it's simplicity isn't it!


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