Saturday, December 3, 2011


Today is our wedding anniversary.

When I woke G this morning,
I told him what day it was and got a smile.

It was a lovely day for me:
I drove my mom to my niece's new apartment,
and we spent several hours with her and my sister-in-law
and my sister-in-law's sister-in-law,
having a delicious lunch,
admiring my niece's new place,
and trading news.

G stayed home with Elizabeth,
which was a much better prospect for him.
A third floor walk-up would be testing the limits of his endurance.

After I got home and Elizabeth left, I fixed a special dinner,
and after dinner, I asked G what he would like to do.

Do you want to watch the wedding video?

How long is it?

I don't remember - maybe an hour?

Maybe not.

So we looked at our wedding album,
commented on how we looked,
how little the nieces and nephews were,
on how many members of the choir were still around,
and what a fun day it was.

When I tucked G into bed this evening,
I told him that we would end the day as we began it,
by remembering that it was our anniversary.
And I got another smile.


  1. Happy, happy anniversary to you. What a sweet remembrance. I'm so glad you and G both had just the right kind of nice day.

    There ought to be a name for in-laws of in-laws - perhaps in some other language there is.

  2. Happy anniversary to both of you.
    Sometimes a smile is worth a hundred words. Two smiles? Immeasurable.


Thank you!