Saturday, December 10, 2011

By special request

Marigold and Mrs. Micawber
both asked for pictures of the wreath my dad made
(with bow by my mom)

and the complimentary
freshwater pearl and white topaz earrings
from my Cheerfulness post.

(Funny they didn't want to see the replacement headlight, too.)


  1. Thanks for posting, Ginnie! (I've finally realized how to spell your name.) The wreath is absolutely beautiful. What a lovely blend of greens. Nice earrings too! The beader in me always likes to look at jewelry.

    Good thing Marigold lives in Washington or she might be over to sample that wreath...

  2. Lucky girl! It's a beautiful wreath...and the earrings, whew!
    I certainly would have expected a few strings to be attached.


Thank you!