Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Tea

We just had the most fun afternoon.

It started with this Christmas gift from my friend C.

We had tasted samples of these scones at a shop a month or so ago,
and they were wonderful.
I had looked at the ingredient statement
to find out what made them so good,
and there was nothing all that special on the list.
Then I looked at the directions:
Add scone mix to one cup heavy cream.

So, when I received this gift from C,
we planned a high tea for this afternoon
for ourselves, G, and Elizabeth.
C brought her 3 tiered plate stand,
and my grandmother's dishes fit it perfectly.

On the menu:

Lemon scones, of course,
with butter and wild black raspberry preserves

Tea sandwiches:

Watercress and goat cheese with sliced radishes on white bread

Chives (from our garden, amazingly enough) and cream cheese
with sliced cucumbers on whole wheat bread

Salmon with fresh dill and lemon on rye bread

Curried cream cheese on cinnamon raisin bread


Hummus on bagel chips

Fresh pineapple and orange slices

Thin, crispy butter cookies

And tea, of course.

It was a great afternoon.

And now, it's just G and I, cozy at home,
thankful for the blessings this past year has brought.

I wish you all a happy, healthy 2012.




  1. What a lovely way to celebrate the coming of the new year.


  2. I just had dinner, but now I'm hungry again. That tea sounds lovely. Lemon cream scones are one of my top 2 favourites (the other is orange chocolate chip).

    What a nice way to ring out the old and ring in the new.

  3. I hope you dressed up in 'tea' dresses too...


Thank you!