Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We've been using cloth napkins at all our meals for three or four years, but I realized a week or so ago when I got out some red placemats that all our napkins are in shades of blue. Not the effect I was looking for at this time of year.

And now that I'm used to cloth napkins, it's very hard for me to use paper ones and throw them away. I can't believe I've indoctrinated myself so to cloth napkins, but there it is.

I wanted something sturdy, machine washable, and not so delicate it would need ironing. So I bought several packs of assorted dishtowels that had some of the same patterns, making sure to avoid packs that included waffle dishtowels.

I chose two of the patterns and cut each dishtowel in half. Folded the cut edge over and pressed it, then folded it again and pressed it.

Stitched the folded edge down, one napkin after another.

Stopped occasionally to pat Oscar. You're such a good boy!

Folded in half, then in thirds.

So now I have 4 of one pattern and 6 of another. And the rest of the dishtowels I can use as...dishtowels.

And - my Reasons to be Cheerful for this week (besides being happy with my new napkins)!

1. I had a burned out headlamp on the car, mentioned it to Elizabeth, and she told me to buy the replacement lamp at AutoZone and they would install it for free. I didn't even have to act helpless. Saved me time and money.

2. Received an offer in the mail from a jewelry store for a free pair of freshwater pearl and white topaz earrings. Somewhat doubtful that there were no strings attached, I went in anyway, and was given the earrings (and a very mild pitch to buy a matching pendant, which I declined). They are really nice! Not sure how the store got my name - I asked the woman at the counter, and she said, "Past customer?" I don't think so.

3. My dad made a beautiful wreath for our front door with fresh greens from their yard, and my mom made bows for it and for the corners of the windows that are draped in pine garland. The outside of the house looks so well dressed, it pleases me when I look out the windows (because we can see the garland and wreath from inside) and when I pull in the driveway or back out of it.

For more cheer, visit Penny - she's the one hosting this wonderful weekly boost of thankfulness.


  1. I love those napkins, perfect festive colours. I love blue and white but it just doesn't hit the spot at Christmas time does it? I love the sound of the wreath, so lovely when it's a family affair! Thanks for joining in,
    Penny x

  2. Isn't it funny that we are inbuilt almost that anything that sounds good must be a con.....I know it often is, but it's so nice when it's not, your earrings sound lovely. Your placements are an ingenious idea, we have some patchwork ones made by MIL which are lovely but not christmassy as they are mainly blue too, maybe I'll take a leaf from your book....mind before Christmas....maybe not!

  3. So funny about the napkins! The Goatmother just got a call, yesterday, that the woman she got her Halloween napkins from will be at the local bizaar on Saturday with Christmas napkins! She loves cloth napkins too! So much nicer than paper. Your napkins are beautiful and how wonderful that you are such a good seamstress! You should post pictures of the wreath and earrings.

  4. Another stroke of genius Ginny. I was just looking at some beautiful Christmassy dish towels the other day and regretting that I didn't need any. This might be a perfect excuse to buy them.

    Yes, pictures of the earrings and the decorations would be very nice to see.

  5. What a great idea! We have used cloth napkins for years, and I have sewn most all of them. One year I made 24 right before Christmas. Argh! I don't like production work.
    I think I spy an adorable little work horse. Is that a Singer Featherweight? I have one and just love her.


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