Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Remembered Joy - Trimming the tree

The five kids on Christmas morning

Taking a page from Mrs Micawber's Advent series on favorite Christmas memories or traditions...

I decorated our Christmas tree Sunday afternoon, while G looked on from his seat on the couch, and it made me think about our tree trimming traditions growing up.

Going to the tree lot as a family to choose a tree was an important part of the tradition. While my dad would hold a tree upright for us to approve, we would walk around it, passing judgment. Too skinny. Big bald spot on that side. Not enough branches at the bottom. No good point at the top. At last one tree would make the grade and be lashed onto the top of the station wagon for the trip home.

We used colored lights and spent a lot of time fussing with the strings to get all the bulbs to light, for if one was loose, the whole string went out.

Some of our ornaments were from my dad's tree when he was a boy, some from his parents' trees when they were young. (Nothing from my mom's side? Apparently not.) Others were school projects, home made treasures, souvenirs from travels. As each ornament was lifted from the box, we talked over where it came from, the occasion it marked, or to whom it belonged.

And as I lifted each ornament from the box on Sunday,
I reminded G of where it came from or the occasion it marked.

One from my childhood.

As is this, a gift from a Brownie troop party.

About 4 inches tall, made by my older sister for me,
she's a mini version of a favorite doll Carlie had as a child.

Knit by my mom.

Purchased on a business trip to Australia.
The back side of this little guy is just as funny.


From a business trip to Taiwan.

From G, our first Christmas together.

A 'Maui angel' from our honeymoon.

Cinnamon stick Santa made by my sister-in-law, K.
He is still adorable.

From my parents to G
when he bought himself a used speedboat.

Quincy, Oscar's predecessor.

I think it's time to get a picture of Oscar on our tree, too.


  1. I have passed on many of our Christmas tree ornaments to my daughter and her family. Now her children are hanging them on their tree and creating their own wonderful memories.

  2. What a lovely post! I think it is lovely to think of where each ornament came from, I love getting the Christmas boxes out and I thin that has rubbed off on my bos too! I have been standing on tiptoe on chairs today trying to pin some tinsel on the ceiling, hubby came in and said it looked very 1970s which I guess maybe it does, but my boys were soooo excited when they got home from school.

  3. Thanks for sharing your memories with us! And your beautiful / fun ornaments. I especially love that little knitted stocking and the Dutch shoes.

    Trimming the tree is a nostalgic time for me too. And when I undecorate it in January I always feel sad to think that I won't see the ornaments again for eleven months. They hold so many precious memories of families and friends and special times.

  4. Oh, I loved reading about all of your ornaments. Isn't it amazing how such tiny objects hold such memories?


Thank you!