Thursday, December 22, 2011

Design by Squirrel

I glanced out the window of my study,
which overlooks the back yard.


What's that orange thing in the pine tree?

Is it a big piece of orange peel,
blown there by the wind?

Or pulled out of the compost pile by a critter?

Let me go out in the backyard for a closer look.

It seems awfully big for orange peel.
And awfully high - higher than the clothes line - to have blown there.

Let me hold the camera over my head
and see if I can get a picture of it.



A mini pumpkin from our autumn centerpiece,
relegated to the compost pile
after Thanksgiving.

I think I'll leave it there in the tree.
It amuses me to think of the process
some squirrel went through to place it there.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And, even though Penny has suspended Reasons to be Cheerful until the new year, it's good for my mental attitude to count my blessings. So, before I get out of the habit, here are my three for this week:

G continues to be his mostly upbeat, cooperative self.
It's been 4 months since that mood shift happened,
and I'm still saying "Thank You" every day.

Saturday I went into the city with a friend and saw the Macy's windows
(not as good as the old Marshall Field's windows, but still fun),
walked around the Chicago Cultural Center
admiring the restored Tiffany dome
and all the incredible mosaic,
and saw Lightscapes, a new feature on State Street.
I had forgotten to take my camera, but this is better.

And last, our teacher at BodyPump™ class last night
offered to teach the class Saturday morning,
even though the Y has cancelled all classes from the 24th until January 2nd.
Lots of us said we would be there if she would lead us.
Isn't that nice of her?


  1. Whoa! I laughed so hard and out loud as I read your narrative of the orange orb in the tree. Your reasons to be glad become my reasons to be glad. Thank you. Loved the lightscapes, too.

  2. Squirrels do the darnedest things. This is the best one I've heard of, though. I wonder if he (or she) is planning on coming back for it later?

    So glad things are going well for your husband (and consequently for you).

    Amazing Lightscapes!


Thank you!