Saturday, June 30, 2012


 Yesterday I walked out of the Y to see a storm rolling in.

The cloud formation was like nothing I've ever seen - like waves rolling in to the beach.

 The temperature dropped from the 90s to 69...

...and we got a blessed half hour of rain.


  1. Wow, those clouds are almost creepy-looking.

    Lucky you to get some rain! I don't know when we last had any. At least the nights are reasonably cool. Crazy, crazy weather.

  2. Very Terry Prachett !
    I'm glad life has "stabilised" for both of you again and hope you have a peaceful weekend .

  3. Those clouds are magical!
    I am so glad that you got some relief, Ginnie.
    I hope your weekend has been good and that G is doing well.

  4. Oh, I agree with ELlen! Those clouds are magical! We don't get clouds like that here. Lost of just gray with no substance.


Thank you!