Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot mama

 Ten days ago I took a picture of this robin's nest,
tucked behind the vines on the trellis G built.  
Can't see it?  Look closely.

Now do you see it?  
Sheltered behind the clematis flowers.

 Two of the three eggs are visible
(if one is atop a step ladder with one's camera).

For a while I wondered why I never saw a robin sitting on the nest.
Then I realized that I only looked when I came out the back door, 
which is right by the trellis.

D'oh!  Of course I'm not seeing a bird; I keep scaring them away.

Today, in yet another 100 plus degree day,
I was able to see one of the parents.
The other flew off just before I took this picture from inside our back door.


  1. I love these photos. I have never been able to capture a bird on the nest.
    I think that summer just might be here. It should get close to eighty today, which I know is quite a ways from 100 plus.
    Take care...wishing you a good weekend, Ginnie.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful clematis!!!! And the Robin's eggs are so blue...a very nice contrast! Stay cool!

  3. What more could you ask for than beautiful clematis and blue robin eggs?!? This is so picture perfect; thank you for delighting my eyes!

  4. What a gorgeous colour those eggs are! And the clematis is lovely.

    So glad we've finally cooled off. Now if only we could get some rain ... (looking hopefully at the sky)....


Thank you!