Friday, June 22, 2012

Three steps back

When people ask how is G doing, I say "Stable."  There is such comfort for me in stable - it means I have figured out how to cope, life is somewhat predictable, I have the illusion of control.

He's in the hospital as of yesterday, so no longer the same stable of recent weeks, but I think we will have a new level of stable that we can deal with when he comes home in the next day or two.  One ER trip Monday afternoon, but I brought him home again that night (with wonderful ambulance drivers - they stayed to help me get him ready for bed and into bed, and I asked them, "Do you want to come live with us?").  A second collapsing episode yesterday morning, another 911 call, and this time I agreed to have him admitted to the hospital from the ER. 

G still has his sense of humor, thank God.  I told him this morning that I'd had a dream about him (which never happens), that we were at a reunion with girlfriends of mine from university days, and that I lost track of him and was asking everyone if they had seen him.  And then I woke up before I found him.

"You were probably off in a corner, talking with a bunch of my girlfriends," I said. 

He widened his eyes and smiled.  "Talking?!  You wish."


  1. Oh dear, how worrisome of 'stable' to decide to redefine itself. Hugs to you Ginnie, you too have clearly not lost the ability to laugh at life despite it giving you so much cause x

  2. Love to you, Ginnie. G's comment does give me a smile. Your first photo surely reflects the changing and uncertain circumstances of stability.
    You are both in my thoughts. I hope that G is home by now and in good spirits.

  3. Oh dear, I hope G is doing better now and will soon be home again.

    P.S. We've been channelling each other again. I took almost the exact same photo yesterday (the 22nd) - clouds reflected in rippling water, with greenery around the edges.

    Sending you a virtual hug. :)

  4. I hope that G is achieving stable now. I'm so sorry to hear of your ER adventures though. It has to be frightening. We are sending you both big hugs, positive energy and an angel or two. I'm glad G is able to keep his sense of humor. Always a big plus. Hugs!!!

  5. What a blessing that he likes your friends! And how wonderful that you found him when you woke. The second photograph captures such hope and joy and life—a reminder of the strength and stability of change.



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