Monday, June 11, 2012


We arrived at my parents' cottage Friday afternoon and found two gardening gloves on the counter with a note in my mom's handwriting.

She had tossed all the gardening gloves used during the Memorial Day work weekend into the washing machine and after sorting them, ended up with one pair of gloves (the only blue ones in the batch) with two right hands.  No left.

My opinion?  It's a right wing conspiracy to rid the world of left-handed gloves.

Saturday morning I went across town to my sister's to help her weed her garden.  While we worked, I happened to mention the glove mystery.  And found out that at my sister's house, there had been a left wing conspiracy.  She had one pair of blue gloves (the only blue ones in her stash) with two left hands.

Worrying.  Very worrying.


  1. Sinister deeds are afoot. Or a-hand. I think you should write a book about this - then you can make a lucrative movie deal ("Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts to Star in New Thriller: Ungloved") and live off the royalties.


  2. Who could top Mrs. Micawber's comment?
    I know that Tilly's not to blame...she's too comatose to move.

  3. Mrs. M and Ellen - Both your replies made me laugh out loud!

  4. Definitely a mystery afoot. But, really, Mrs. Micawber? Brad Pitt? Nah. This is a Johnny Depp role if I ever saw one. Ginnie, please invite us over when Johnny shows up to study for his part. Please? :)

  5. What imaginative and clever comments! I'm laughing out loud, too.


Thank you!