Friday, June 8, 2012

Movie night

In summer, when we don't have choir rehearsal on Thursdays, one of our members organizes a monthly night out for anyone interested in dinner and a movie.  Last night we saw Monsieur Lazhar, and it was excellent.  Really excellent.

At the restaurant before the movie, I suddenly heard JJ (our peerless organizer) say over the chatter and clatter of the busy establishment, "Let me ask you all one question:  Are you grateful?"

"Yes!"  we answered.

"OK then."

There was laughter from the group, and I realized someone must have asked JJ about saying grace before our meal.  Good solution for a noisy environment.


  1. This is all good..all good.
    I should remember to say grace before a meal. There are so many moments to be grateful for.
    Laughter is such a grace too, is it not?
    We all pray and find grace in so many different ways.
    I think the gift of laughter and the recognition of an abundance of joy is a form of prayer...and there are always times when we need to feel and recognize the goodness and abundance.

  2. I love it! Are you grateful? Yes!!!! Me too. :)

  3. Sounds like a great group to sing/hang out with !

  4. That is a good solution. I also like the tradition of saying grace after a meal (which almost never happens, at least in my experience). I don't think God particularly minds whether we say grace or not, but doing so is a good reminder for us.

    The movie looks great. I'll have to keep an eye out for it on video.


Thank you!