Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Faith in humanity

The same day my friend sent me this link of 21 inspiring pictures of people being incredibly kind to strangers, I had my own little episode of local kindness.

A week ago Monday night while I was at the ER with G, a very large branch from one of our trees came down in heavy wind.  Before I had a chance to do anything with it, one of my neighbors had sawed it into pieces, bundled it in twine, attached a yard waste sticker to cover the cost of pickup, and placed it on our curb in time for the weekly truck.  All without my knowledge of who had taken care of it.

Stealth kindness.

After asking several of our neighbors if they had dispatched our branch, I finally found out who had done it.

They did not expect to be thanked, but...


  1. What a very kind thing to do and very encouraging to hear about it.

    I hope G is feeling better these days.

  2. Ginnie, what a very kind neighbor...I am feeling very teary eyed here. I know that they appreciated your thoughtful thank you.
    Sometimes it is so hard to remember and recognize that there are many, many kindly and loving people in this world who do wonderful things for us without asking for recognition or acclaim.
    Sending hopes and prayers that G is feeling well and that you are continued to be supported by loving hands.


Thank you!