Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet neglect

Sometimes, ignoring something brings unexpected rewards.

 I stopped at my parents' Illinois home last week 
(they live about 25 minutes from us),
and while I was there my mom and I noticed a weedy tree.
It was growing next door (which belongs to me - 
G and I were going to build a house on the lot next to my parents 
until the economy went south).

I took a picture of the weedy tree so I could look it up later 
(Tree of Heaven, I'm pretty sure) 
and then noticed there were wild black raspberries 
growing next to it.  

We have the lawn mowed regularly 
but don't do much else with the property, 
so the shrubs around the perimeter 
have been allowed to go native.
I came back today to do some picking 
and realized I didn't bring anything to put the berries in.
And there were a lot more than I had realized.

 Luckily I keep a water dish for Oscar in the car.

It was the perfect container.


  1. Oh, yum...and thank goodness for that adorable and wonderful dog. I am drooling.
    xoxo, e.

  2. Oh , they look good !
    Housewifely and horticultural neglect are very underrated . They should be elevated to a virtue .


Thank you!