Friday, June 1, 2012

On our walk

It was 48F and rainy yesterday. 

 Oscar doesn't mind rain.

 This home has a beautiful border, 
beginning with these lilies...

 and continuing with daisies, foxglove, and poppies.

 The same home has a riot of color against the house.

 Further along, 
a mulberry tree was beginning to drop its ripened fruit.

 So I looked up.  And did a bit of foraging.

 Prints in the sidewalk from...a racoon?  

A possum?

 The coreopsis in this garden match the lilies that are hiding behind them.

 Ah, we approach a house I love.
Like something from a fairytale.

 The golden flower-like lamp and delicate wrought-iron fence.

 The decorative chimney pot.

 Weeping trees and strange sculptures.

 Whimsical colors and decorative carvings.

Though the "No Solicitors" sign feels a bit out of place.

Near the park:  I don't know what this tree is,
but the flowers are very fragrant.

 Back home, creeping bellflower blooms against hosta.

 Oakleaf hydrangea.

 New shade garden put in last September with heuchera, astilbe,
ferns, anemone, bleeding heart.

 Spiderwort that the rabbits haven't gotten to yet.

Self seeding daisies.

 Ready to go in, good boy?


  1. Oscar is so cute! Where is it you live? It is a very pretty place. Thank you for taking us along on your walk. You could almost breathe in that 'just rained' fragrance.

    1. Hi, Marigold - we live in Illinois, near Chicago. So not the breathtaking vistas of your neighborhood, but we like it anyway!

  2. What a lovely neighborhood. I think that Oscar looks so loving and adorable.


Thank you!