Sunday, March 23, 2008

Victory Liberty Garden

I recently joined a local organic gardening group, spurred into action by Angie's challenge.

At one of the group's meetings, Victoria Nowicki, an enthusiastic and experienced organic gardener, was the speaker. Vicki and her husband Ron of The Land Office have been gardening organically for nearly thirty years and are involved in landscape design and construction.

Before her presentation on seed starting, Vicki shared some thoughts on the revival of the World War II Victory Garden movement.

She thinks the resurgence in home gardening is wonderful ("people growing their own food at home has always been the goal of the club") - but would love to see us transform it into a Liberty Garden movement. She just wrote an article for the club newsletter, outlining her reasons.

I like the idea of a fresh start on an old idea, with a name targeted to this time in our history.

But no matter what we call it, I'm glad for Angie's inspiration. (And I finally got my seeds ordered, Angie!)


  1. Well, I have no control over the name, since the challenge was started by Pattie, but I love your enthusiam!! :) Great post! Now we just need some accomidating weather!!

  2. Who cares what anyone calls it?! Let's just keep encouraging folks to plant those gardens!


Thank you!