Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Other Man

In the spirit of the current political climate in this country,
I think I need to come clean about

The Other Man.

(But I have decided I will not hold a press conference.)

We have a handyman.

I'm crazy about him.

He can do almost anything
but won't do certain things,
like clean the gutters on the second story,
start before 9 a.m.,
or work past 4 p.m.

Front door wouldn't latch.
Now it does.
But what's that white stuff on the knob?!

He also sometimes leaves a bit of a mess.
But not too much of one.

Master bath doorknob
had been spontaneously falling off
for several years.
Two previous handymen were not successful in the repair.
Under Ralph's guidance, I bought some new old parts at a salvage place.
I think the fix is going to work this time.

He is competent, practical, cheerful, funny, and very talkative.
He retired early from corporate life
and does this for fun,
while his younger wife continues her teaching career.

The door to the attic never had a complete door knob set.
Why? I don't know.

Now it does. Yay!

I like him so much that I recommended him to my parents.
Now they are crazy about him, too.
And he about them.

Cleaned out the dryer vent to keep us from catching on fire.

He says my parents are so nice
that he wants to move in with them.
(Which makes me a tiny bit jealous
that he doesn't want to move in with us.)

New cordless vacuum came with a charger
that didn't fit where the old one did.
Could I have taken care of this myself?
Did I want to?

G used to be our handyman. He could do almost anything, too.
He's been very tolerant of having another man in our life.


  1. how lovely to have all those jobs done that you've been waiting for.
    love those door knobs.

  2. I like handyman was John Pike. I felt the same way about him ...even though I suspect your handyman is neater and more reliable ..and doesn't require a six pack every visit. We used to have the kids run beers out to him.


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