Friday, March 7, 2008

A Stitch in -- whatever

I ordered new sweatpants for G online.
They are unexpectedly long.
There must be some very tall XL guys out there.

Getting him to try them on so I could mark the hem
proved more difficult than I expected.
Whenever I was ready, he was not.
And whenever ... well, you know.
(It's not like we have such high-powered lives.)

Finally this morning, our planets aligned.

And since they aligned,
I also had him try on the sleep pants I gave him for Christmas,
which had a similar issue.
(It's March already? How the time does fly!)

And last, the repair of a well-loved sweatshirt.
It has a silkscreened painting of my parents' old summer cottage.
(My parents had one made for each family member.)
But the neck and cuffs frayed like crazy.
I've never seen a sweatshirt wear so badly.
(Note to self: Don't buy Lee brand sweatshirts.)

G was very pleased.
He'd been waiting about two years for this repair.


  1. I have to say that the silkscreened sweatshirt is the most lovely idea.

    Need to think about doing something similar with our house here in the mountains.

  2. personalized sweatshirts sounds like a lovely idea!
    and it's so lovely to get that feeling of satisfaction from finishing a long awaited job! hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. Now that you have finished your mending pile do you think that you could drop by because I have just a few little projects for you...

  4. Brave girl. I sew professionally, but I never mend...NEVER!

  5. Funny about trying to find a time to get G to do a fitting... we have that problem here too. And we are soooo busy listening to our talking books and what not.


Thank you!