Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Charlie Corpuscle Says

A poster at the blood center said
less than 5%
of the US population
donates blood.

It's really pretty easy.


  1. I would give blood.

    Except my government won't let me.

    In case I caught mad cow disease when I was living in England!!

  2. Unless you are rejected because your blood floats (due to anaemia). It is very humiliating to have poor quality blood.

  3. I give blood every 16 weeks and each of those occasions I feel like A Very Good Person. Being O neg, my blood is in demand as it is the universal blood group yet only 7% of our population have it...

  4. I have a similar problem as bluemountainsmary, government says I can't give blood because of how recent my tats and piercings are. Doesn't matter if all my test come up clean.


Thank you!