Friday, March 28, 2008


Anne of Happy to be here tagged me for a 4 x 4 meme. (My first meme!)

4 jobs I've held: Toy catalog stapler/stuffer/address labeler (8th grade during the pre-Christmas season, for our local toy store - it paid more than babysitting); front desk clerk at a lake resort (on summer break from university - the twin brothers who managed the place were both having extramarital affairs, so the gossip was pretty unbelievable. My grandmother couldn't wait for me to get home with the latest.); product development for a meat processor (where we had a lot of Polish and Mexican immigrants and I learned to say useful things like "Working tomorrow!" and "Merry Christmas!" in new languages. Also tasted guacamole for the first time at the employee Christmas party.); technical director for worldwide accounts at a food ingredient company (many WONDERFUL and some HORRIBLE experiences. The wonderful included getting to work with my counterparts at most of our 20 international locations and meeting my husband; the horrible included being on a project with the project manager from hell.)

4 shows I watch: Law and Order (the original and Criminal Intent, but not SVU - I can't handle the descriptions of the crimes. With the original, the crime is committed before the show starts - a good thing.); The Closer (really like this. Wish it were on more.); The Colbert Report (must get the news somewhere); can't think of another one that I really like, though I certainly watch more television than this.

4 places I've been: The Netherlands (birthplace of husband - we usually go once a year to see his daughters and grandkids and other friends); Haiti (my first international business trip); Australia (one of my favorite places); England (another of my favorite places).

4 foods I like: Ack! Only four? This is hard. Chocolate. Raspberries. Mangoes. Buttered popcorn (not movie popcorn, not microwave bagged popcorn, but real popcorn with freshly melted butter on it). Pesto (I'm sorry - I couldn't stop myself.)

And now, to tag 4 people and hope they don't mind. Alice at The Magpie Files, Angie at Children in the Corn, Ali at Domesticali, and Mary at Blue Mountains Mary. (If you don't feel like doing this, no worries.)


  1. Hi Ginnie - no I don't mind at all - it might take me a while to get to ( a few days anyway) but this looks easy!!

    I loved the bit about your grandmother not being able to wait for you to come home with the gossip!

  2. Thanks for the tag. Hey, I see you've gotten an award over at Homesteading Neophyte. Popular girl!! :)


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