Wednesday, January 2, 2008

No pictures, please

We got a calendar in the mail from our broker (whom we like very much). We’ve never met him face to face, as he lives in another state. Slipped into a space at the top of the calendar was a picture of our broker and his assistant (whom we also like very much). Something about the whole thing really struck me funny, so I sent this email:

Hi, J and S,

This won't surprise you - we just opened your calendar today. (It was unopened in a pile of other ju -- I mean assorted mail that I was planning to toss in the recycle bin, but G opened it.)

Your picture! On the calendar! So amazing. We used to get a calendar from our insurance agent every year, and that always hit the recycle bin unopened (after the first few years when we saw the lay of the land - a small calendar filled with bad recipes).

So, in a major departure from my normal routine, the calendar is not going straight to the recycle bin. It has been relieved of the picture, which is now residing under a small magnet on our refrigerator. In this altered state, the calendar is now in the bin. And we have your smiling faces to look at whenever we open the fridge and wonder "What's for dinner?" I hope you will be able to provide inspiration in this area, as you do in our financial matters.


  1. I just found this blog. What a beautiful place you live in. Happy New Year!

  2. My husband has a stockbroker that he has been dealing with for years in Chicago. One time when we were there we went downtown and said hello ..never having met him before. We introduced him to the kids because they all have accounts. He has noticed things about john before anyone else. He's become one of my husband's eseentials. They talk twice a day and I know this guy is very busy.


Thank you!