Sunday, January 13, 2008

Long strides

One of the benefits of the warmer (above freezing) weather we've had this week* is that my husband G is willing to venture out for short walks. Walking has become more difficult for him over the last couple of years, so he's less inclined to do it. And of course the lack of exercise makes it even worse. When he's had physical therapy, we've been told that he needs to focus on the length of his stride, to make an effort to take bigger steps. That those tiny, shuffle-y steps he takes only foster the decline. So, when we are out walking, I keep reminding him to take longer strides. "Long strides," I say. "Lonnnnnnng strides. Loooooong strides." Is this annoying? Yes! He takes it for only so long, and then tells me I can stop with the advice. (But it does work, for a little while. And then he goes back to his little steps. Which is annoying for me.)

After breakfast yesterday I was reading a notice in the paper about a fund raiser luncheon/fashion show, and that they need models, especially men and children. Jokingly, I said to G that he should volunteer to help out, modeling for the fashion show. He said, "Right. And you'll be walking right behind me, saying 'Long strides. Lonnng strides.' "

*bb, you are very lucky that we've had such nice weather for you this weekend! Must be that clean living.


  1. I am so glad that you had warm weather and could get out together. It looks to me as though Quincy is being encouraging too!

  2. I just found a volunteer who will walk with my husband. She is on disability and so chatty and nice. She needs the change too. I have someone else who will take my husband out from time to time to have lunch. He loves to eat. He tried to get the guy to go to a used car lot to buy a car. I laughed when the guy told me about it. Pine Area Homs Services. They have helped me so much.


Thank you!