Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Curtains for Chez Magpie

MrsM at The Magpie Files shared
seven interesting things about herself.

One caught my eye:

(Of course, MrsM's picture was much more artful than this one.)

She confessed that she purchased this
because the label matched her curtains.

Something about that rang a bell.

I quickly turned to my back issues of House Beautiful,
and, after a little searching,
found it:
The spread on gracious homes of England,
featuring Chez Magpie.
And the shot of the Magpie living room.

Now I can understand the attraction.


  1. LOL!! Great post! I've always wondered what Alice's livingroom looked like!! :)

  2. Tsk! Tsk!
    Ginnie - you have been out with your binoculars and notebook, I see. How could I have known that such an innocent remark could lead to such a grand expose of my lifestyle?

    However, I wonder if you saw my sister's house - which REALLY is in House Beautiful. There...that called your bluff!


Thank you!