Friday, January 11, 2008

The best medicine

Last fall we joined a support group
for people with early stage memory loss.
At today's meeting, we had a guest speaker.

The speaker and the participants very graciously said
it was OK to take their pictures and OK to post them.

Of course, they hadn't seen how the pictures turned out.
But they knew we would not be at our most dignified.
They are a trusting lot. With great senses of humor.

Our guest speaker, on therapeutic laughter.

An exercise in laughter:
pretend someone has put an ice cube down your back
and walk around the room,
belly laughing and making eye contact with others.

As you can see, it works. Genuine laughter. It felt great.


  1. There is a lot of merit in the old adage - "laughter is the best medicine"!

  2. She looks like a lot of fun. Her personality shines in those pictures. Sounds great!


Thank you!