Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sense of humor required

As part of G's getting-up-in-the-morning routine, I slip his shoes (which are left loosely tied, always) onto his feet before he sits up on the edge of the bed, so that as soon as his feet hit the floor, he has better purchase. I didn't used to do that, but the day his feet slid out from under him and he nearly went off the edge of the bed, I changed our process.

There is always some wincing from G, because of back pain or because of foot pain, during this time. This morning, as I was putting on his shoes, he was a little more vocal than usual, especially when the second shoe was going on. I considered not putting it on, but thought it better to have both shoes on and have him complain a bit about it than to have him lose his footing when putting his feet on the floor. I asked him if it was his back or his foot that was hurting, and he said his foot. Oh, well. Nothing to be done but be as gentle as I could be.

After he sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes, I said, as I always do, "OK, now move your feet back before you try to stand up." Then I looked at his feet.


"G," I said, "I've put your shoes on the wrong feet!"

He looked down and burst out laughing.

And then was kind enough to wait while I ran for the camera to record my goof.


  1. How nice to start the day with a laugh. G has a good sense of humor.

  2. Truly, if you can't find the funny in the everyday absurdities, you're doomed.
    If they weren't uncomfortable I wonder how long before you would have noticed!?

  3. Some days are like that. So glad he could laugh about it.


Thank you!