Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful and Thankful

The lilies of the valley are opening, and their fragrance is beautiful.

The forsythia blooms have peaked, and now the branches are producing leaves. A few blossoms have fallen, but the overall effect is still beautiful and springy. I may have to cut some new branches to bring inside and coax when these are done.

And last, I'm reminded again of how lucky we have been with some of our caregivers. Elizabeth, who is with us a couple of evenings a week plus during the day on Saturdays and part of Sundays, has the nicest way about her. She has an easy and infectious laugh, and endless patience. Great sense of humor and caring attitude. When she arrives, she makes of point of greeting G with a handshake and inquiring how he's doing. I get a hug and the same query. When she leaves, she shakes hands with G, tells him when she's coming next, and then gives me a hug. (We've had a few caregivers who act like they can't wait to escape and leave calling goodbye over their shoulders as they run out the front door.) When she's here during mealtimes, she joins us at the table (not all the caregivers do this, but I want each one to do what makes them comfortable), and it's wonderful for me to have her join us. Mealtimes without her are pretty quiet. I feel I can ask her advice on things, and she offers suggestions that are useful. I usually have a meeting or exercise class right after dinner, and she always tells me to go do what I need to do, that she will clean up. And the living room is always neatened, pillows plumped, cover on the couch straightened, lap robes folded, before she leaves. All this is on top of her care for G. We are very blessed to have her.

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  1. Such a blessing to have kind and sympathetic carers. My mum has a carer every day, and was quite nervous about having a new one, and a male to boot. However, he is by far the best, always goes that extra mile, teases her gently and makes her laugh. He even heroically helped me when mum phoned in a panic because the cat had brought a bird in which was flying round the house. It was only after we successfully got it out of the house that he confessed to a bird phobia.
    We couldn't manage without these wonderful people!
    Thanks for joining in with Reasons to be Cheerful!
    Penny x

  2. Such beautiful blossoms. I can almost smell the lily-of-the-valley.

    My mom had a wonderful in-home helper too. She was so sweet and really loved my mom. So glad G has such a good helper.

  3. I adore Lily of the Valley, but I can't have it in the house or the garden in case a dog tries to eat some. Such a wonderful scent.

    Some people just have such beautiful souls, sounds like your caregiver is one of them :D


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