Monday, February 13, 2012

Downton Abbey - down to the wire

Here's me as the Dowager Countess, enjoying my tea under the trees.
"Where's the lemon? I asked for lemon!"

The penultimate episode in Season 2 was last night. Two hours of bliss, and thankfully G opted to lie down on the couch before it started and slept through it. His going-to-bed routine usually starts about 8:30, so I was prepared to miss part of the episode if he woke up.

Since I know now that some of you don't watch the latest episode on Sunday nights, I won't say anything to spoil what's happened. (Even though the 2nd season has been available for sale since at least early January. So some people on this side of the pond know the whole story.) But there are some interesting, surprising, and even shocking developments.

And by the way - wouldn't it be nice to be having tea out on the lawn, with that beautiful estate in view? I'm afraid for me, though, I'd be worried about inconveniencing whomever it was that had to haul the table, cloths, silver, china, and food all that way.


  1. But you would not be inconveniencing them. You would be filling their days with requests for things (which nowadays we fetch and do for ourselves) and, in the process, giving them employment. Many employers were not as kind as the Granthams, but local people did queue up to get work at the local "big house".

    I could do with someone myself, actually, as I'm sure many women could!

  2. Wow, that was the best Downton Abbey yet! I am going to miss the show terribly when this season is over. I wish for a happily ever after for Anna and Bates, but I don't think I will get it.

  3. I'd be worried that the tea wasn't hot enough and therefore not properly brewed (selfish me).

    It was a LONG corker of an episode, wasn't it? Just finished watching it online with Mr. M. I must say I foresaw the Bates dilemma several episodes ago. I just knew that was going to happen to Mrs. B.

    Can Thomas really be a changed man? I don't trust the shifty bugger.


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