Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful in February

I have flowery reasons to be cheerful this week:

The forsythia branches that I cut 10 days ago are in full bloom,

and the lilies of the valley dug from the garden in early January are thriving. The flower buds haven't turned color yet, though I suspect by tomorrow there will be the first hint of white.

One of our dear caregivers brought me a little African Violet plant that she started from a leaf cutting about 2 months ago. She can't remember what the flower color will be, but whatever it is, I'm happy to have it. And I sent her home with newly dug lily of the valley pips and freshly cut forsythia branches to coax.

Outside, because we continue to have extraordinarily warm weather, the snow drops are up, and so are the crocuses, though the flower buds are only just visible. I've never seen snow drops earlier than March 1st - and mid March is more typical - but I looked for and found them on February 1st. If we get a return to normal (i.e., cold) weather, I don't know if there's anything I should do to protect them.

I spent last week's $40 class action settlement on a Chinese foot and body massage. It was heavenly.

And speaking of Chinese: my nephew just found out that he is a finalist for a Fullbright Scholarship for China, 2012-13. He spent his junior year in China and Taiwan and wants to go back. Not sure when he'll find out if he is selected, but this is wonderful news. He's fluent in several languages, but when I asked him if he had learned anything useful while he was in China, like pressure point foot massages, the answer was no. What kinds of things are they teaching university students these days?!

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  1. The plants are very beautiful. I hope the ones outside don't get frozen. I'm concerned for my fruit trees too. Good luck to your nephew!


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