Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sixth Day of Christmas Tea

 One of my splurges in early December: a $10 "just kitchy enough" teapot, which turned out to have such a large spout that it was hard to control the tea pouring.  We had a minor tea spillage incident, so no picture of the sideboard with teapot and cups. Next year this teapot will be used solely for seasonal decoration - unless someone knows how to retrofit it so it will pour in a civilized manner.
Last year, on New Year's Eve Day, I gave a tea with my friend C for ourselves, Gerrit, and one of our part time caregivers.  It was fun to put on, and I decided to expand on that this year.

The Sunday after Christmas seemed a good time to do it, to take advantage of the house being decorated for Christmas and to keep my spirits up during this first Christmas season without Gerrit.  I invited the women of the choir plus a few additional lovely women, including my mom. 

 I forgot to take a before picture, but this tells me that the most popular sandwiches were the cucumber and green onion with cream cheese on white, followed by egg salad on wheat, and salmon with fresh dill on wheat.

Planning the tea was a great distraction; I'm so glad I did it.  And having these wonderful women over was such a pleasure.  They are good company in all situations, and they have been such a comfort to me these last months.


Our house turned 100 years old in 2012, and I thought it would be fitting to mark that milestone, as well as the 25 year anniversary since I purchased the house in 1987, with something festive before the year ended.  My guests weren't told about the milestones; it was something that I wanted to acknowledge in my own mind.  To honor the house for all the years it has sheltered us and previous families, for all the love and laughter and sadness and life passages that have happened under its roof.  For the hopes and dreams and struggles of all the people who made their homes here.  I'm happy I could do that.


  1. Oh, Ginnie..I have no words for this beautiful post, truly. Honoring a house, people, friends and an important person..I need a handkerchief and I also need to say how much I admire and think about you. I send love.

  2. Oh, p.s. to those silly spilly teapots..i think that there are those smallish plastic things you can put on the end of the spout, not sure. I do have some pots that are lovely, but virtually useless, but I still love them.

  3. You teapot may be lacking in civilized pouring, but it is way cute! What lovely thoughts about the house - houses do certainly see life. I'm so glad you had the tea. It looks just beautiful and I'm sure all your guests will look forward to it next year. Now you have started a tradition. :) Goat hugs!

  4. A lovely afternoon ! Actually , I'm surprised there are any of those sandwiches left , they all sounded delicious .
    And as for the overenthusiastic teapot spout , Barnitts Online Store U.K. have a white rubber teapot spout that fits most standard size tea pots that looks as though it might help ( only costs a couple of dollars though I don't know how much the postage is ) . It would be a shame not to use such a pretty pot all through the holidays !

    1. Oh, this is a great idea! I will see if that helps. Since I didn't spend much on the teapot, I'm OK with investing a little more to make it functional.

  5. That teapot is adorable! And your food looks lovely - the sandwich descriptions made me rahter peckish. :)

    What a wonderful way to celebrate a special place and special people.


Thank you!