Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Wishes

 My 2013 Susan Branch wall calendar - an essential part of my kitchen decor.

 I wish you all a healthy, happy, and fulfilling 2013.
And I'm a day late doing it.  
Hmmm...maybe not the best start on the new year!


  1. Dear Ginnie,
    I think that it is just fine to be a day or two worries about that.
    I do wish the best in this New Year for you, and my goodness, for that loving Oscar. It has been such a painful time with the loss of that lovely and loving man. Please know that you are and have been in my thoughts. May peace and healing come.

  2. Happy New Year! As I pointed out before, it's just a day and probably not even the best one to be the start of a New Year. Actually I suppose the New Year is any day we make up our minds to pick up and go forward. :) Hope yours is the best. I think 2013 just has to be better than stupid ole' 2012 was. I'm just sayin' ... :) (LOVE that calendar, by the way!)

  3. How did I miss all these posts?!?

    That is a very fun-looking calendar. Happy New Year to you, Ginnie, and may the days bring you joy.


Thank you!