Friday, January 11, 2013

Fair trade

I like chocolate in my coffee.

 There. I've said it.

My sister-in-law doesn't approve of coffee any way but black,
but I like milk and sweetness with mine.
Especially chocolate sweetness.

And because I only have one cup of coffee in the morning,
and because I really like a lot of milk...
I hesitate to confess this:
I heat a mug of skim milk instead of water 
and add instant coffee to it.

I know. Not brewed coffee.
And then, until last summer, I added Ovaltine to it.
And would feel guilty because Ovaltine is hardly fair trade 
and has a lot of packaging.

So - last June I contacted Equal Exchange 
and ordered a 5-lb bag of cocoa powder.

I mixed it in the food processor with sugar 
(faster and less dusty than stirring it in a bowl)

 And stored it in a jar for daily use.

The cost is a few guilt-free pennies more.

Next up:  I'm experimenting with cold-brewing coffee.
And if that works for me, and I can use the concentrated cold-brewed coffee instead of instant,
I'll be free of non-fair traded instant coffee.


  1. Dear Ginnie,
    I haven't tried this, but ordered it. It might be just delicious. Love to you...

    1. Oh, my - looks decadent! I'll look forward to hearing how you like it!

  2. Oh, goodness..I am so slow at doing these things. I will try again.

  3. Your concoction sounds wonderful. I love coffee-flavoured anything - except coffee. But a hot drink with lots of chocolate and also coffee - that I could do. Especially if cream were added. :)

    Does cold-brewing release all of coffee's flavour components? I thought perhaps heat was required. Could you brew some massively strong (triple or quadruple-strength) coffee and use that as a kind of coffee essence?

    Let us know how the experiment turns out!

    P.S. Mr. M is a bit of a coffee snob and has just started roasting his own beans. (And loving it.)

    1. From what I've read, cold-brewing releases all the flavor but not as much acid, so the resulting liquid (which is stronger than brewed coffee) has a smoother taste. You dilute it with water or milk (or cream!). I've done it once and will do it again and post about it - stay tuned.

      I'm impressed that Mr. M. is roasting coffee beans! Never thought about someone doing it at home.

  4. Though I like my coffee black and without sugar , your brew sounds rather delicious and not at all strange . After all , if you look at Starbuck's menu , you see a hundred variations !
    Bulk buying cocao powder ? You're obviously seriously keen on chocolate !


Thank you!