Saturday, December 29, 2012


A few months ago I found that ComEd, our electric supplier, has some new energy data on their website, including a comparison of one's electricity use to 100 neighbors within close proximity (3 miles) and with similar sized homes and natural gas, rather than electric, heat.  So, apples to apples.

When I first looked, I was not in the top 20 (called Efficient Neighbors) for least electric use, though I was getting close.  When yesterday's bill arrived in my inbox, I checked my account on the website to see where I stood, and, at last!  I used 5% less electricity than my Efficient Neighbors.

Besides there being one less person in the house (not insignificant, as Gerrit was home most of the time, which meant the television was on a good part of the day), I finally started turning off the power strip for the TV and cable box, as well as the power strip for the computer/printer/monitor, when I wasn't using them.  The only downside to turning off the cable box is the TV guide program listing takes about 20 minutes to refresh after the cable box is turned on.  All the programs are there, I just can't see what's coming up next until that 20 minutes or so has elapsed.

I can live with that small inconvenience to reduce my energy bill.


  1. Congratulations on being the Most Efficient Neighbor! (It sounds rather like something from a Pooh story, doesn't it?)

    We are working on little efficiencies too - we always turn off the power strip AND unplug the computer when not in use. Also the washer and dryer as apparently a lot of energy can trickle out just by their being plugged in.

    My dad lives in So. California, and has always been a stickler for energy efficiency and low water usage. Some years ago his community imposed certain water usage restrictions, including a requirement to lower usage by a certain percentage. My dad was actually fined for not complying - despite the fact that his usage was already so low that he couldn't very well decrease it. Go figure. :)

    1. I didn't know that about the washer and dryer - I'll have to check on that.

      And how ironic that your dad, after being so energy efficient for so long, gets fined. He should have been getting a medal!

  2. Congratualtions! I think you should celebrate with a few Peanuts. They are very energy efficient. :)

  3. Energy efficient peanuts - who knew?

  4. Well done !
    Being online all the time is an extravagance I know I can't afford but , like many things one shouldn't do , very tempting .
    Then a Fire Safety talk recently pointed out the risks involved and that DID make it seem a must-do !


Thank you!