Saturday, December 15, 2012


 Greens from my yard, instruction by my dad

My cousin and her husband and my parents coming for brunch this morning 

was good motivation to create some festivity.

Egg casserole with two cheeses, mushrooms, & green onions
Our favorite breakfast sausage
Brussels sprouts cooked crisp-tender with bacon and garlic
Fresh cranberry-orange-apple salad
Tea bread

A delicious morning.


  1. It looks delicious - and how nice to have Brussels sprouts for brunch!

    That is one very gorgeous wreath.

    P.S. We had rain today and it washed away all the snow.... Now instead of crisp and white we have soggy and brown. Ah well.

  2. Beautiful wreath and table! Great brunch menu. Everything looks wonderful.

  3. Oh, your wreath is just beautiful! And what a lovely festive table. The Goatmother would LOVE the Brussels Sprouts ... the Goatfather, not so much. :) I, myself, would like them too, although I prefer the pristine state. :)

  4. What a beautiful wreath....and mouth-watering brunch!



Thank you!