Friday, December 21, 2012

My amusing choir friends. And sun!

 The view out the front door at first light this morning

Despite dire predictions, our area wasn't hit that hard by last night's snow.  We woke up to find just enough to coat the grass but leave the streets and sidewalks clear.

Our choir director is in the hospital, so the following email exchange between choir members occurred over the course of several hours yesterday afternoon. 

Elizabeth:    Peter provided a card with this photo printed and I thought we could sign it tonight and send our greetings to Charles.  I'll bring it to rehearsal.

Lea:           The photo is fabulous!  Would someone please forge my signature as I don't plan to come tonight.  It's all about the coming storm.

Judy:         Me, too------regarding forging my signature.  I am home with a voice lower than Lauren Bacall!  I hope to be okay by Christmas Eve.

Elizabeth:    hell, if snowed in I will just forge for everyone.

Tricia:        When you dot the "i" in Tricia can you make them each a little heart?

Elizabeth:    yes and if only one of you had a q in your name I would make it into a cat

Christina:    Lucky for you my middle name is Shaniqua

Elizabeth:    you rock shaniqua

 Oscar and squirrel enjoying today's sun.

I love our choir members.


  1. Snicker...sounds like a great group for sure. I'm glad you got enough snow to be beautiful but not enough to be dangerous! Send some this way! :)

  2. That's hilarious. At work we're always forging each other's names on cards we send out (because somebody's always missing).

    The sunshine was lovely today - glad you got some too! We missed the worst of the storm - we got about 14" of snow, but the power stayed on. :)


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