Friday, January 20, 2012


I drive past a defunct Amoco station (yes, Amoco, not BP - that's how defunct it is) every day on my way to and from work. Last summer, fencing went up around the property and the building was taken down. The deconstruction took a long time.

Recently a new building finally began to go up - it didn't look like another gas station, but I thought, "Oh, please, it can't be another bank."

It seems that every third new construction project, especially if on a corner, is a bank. Really, how many bank branches do we need?

Today I noticed a sign had finally gone up identifying what the partially built structure was going to be.


It's a branch of MY bank.

On my work route.

In fact, on the right side of the street to pull in on my way home from work.


So convenient for me!

Er...please disregard earlier rant.


  1. Not just any bank, YOUR bank. All the difference in the world.

    A little inconsistency is the spice of life.


Thank you!