Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

The snow begins...

My weekly list!

Went out to lunch on Saturday with my friend and neighbor; we used to walk together every morning, but other things have gotten in the way of our daily walks, so it was good to get caught up. And have lunch out!

The snow started this morning but didn't start building up until I had gotten G into the car and on the way to the day program. And it didn't come quite as fast and furious as I thought, so the trek back into the house this afternoon wasn't too arduous. We've had 3+ inches and up to 3 or 4 more are predicted, but later tonight.

Our choir director cancelled choir rehearsal tonight, which makes me happy. I had already decided not to go and had called the caregiver to tell her not to come (and she was glad!). Better the director cancel than I be the one to say I'm not coming. So we are home, feeling snug and grateful for our warm home and that we don't have to go anywhere tonight (other than perhaps some more shoveling). Bean soup with smoked turkey is on the menu. Mmm, mmm.

The view from my study window, 6:30pm

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  1. Ah - the trompe l'oeil tree yet stands! I love it. Glad you can stay inside tonight and be cozy. The snow does encourage that feeling.

  2. Glad you are snug and warm with all the snow outside. t does look beautiful though!

  3. isn't it nice when plans to bail are legitimized by a cancelation. glad you had a warm and cozy night.

  4. Oh, I do love that picture from the study window! Beautiful! And I am glad you are cozy inside as well. I hope you have enough, 'hay' to last through the snow. And Peanuts too, of course. :)

  5. Lovely pretty snow picture. We don't get snow often really, but it does make even th drabbest thing look beautiful doesn't it?

    Your supper sounds nice!

  6. Beautiful view for certain. We had a bit of snow the other day, but now rain and flooding is happening along our Elk Creek. We are fine, but not people in the little town where our post office box is.


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