Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Around the garden

Japanese windflower

Sunday, two days after the six or so inches of snow, it was still cold and sunny. After Oscar and I took an afternoon walk in the neighborhood, we toured the garden. Not much color, but some lovely forms. Winter interest, my teacher at the Morton Arboretum said.

He waits while I frame a shot.

Red twig dogwood

Blue spirea

Rose hips, species unknown (from my grandmother's garden)

Conifer, species unknown

Northern sea oats

Sedum, Autumn Joy

Wood aster

The berries are real! From Trader Joe's; I'm glad they are still so bright.


  1. Ahhh, such beauty if one looks.

  2. Beauty all around and that sweet doggie waiting patiently for you to finish.

  3. What a lovely garden you have. I'm really enjoying dried flowers this year - something I didn't always pay attention to in pre-blogging days.

    I love the colour of the rose hips.


Thank you!