Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

I've got some easy ones this week:

A nearby park in which I have never before seen a pond.
The combination of 6 or more inches of snow on Friday,
a downpour Sunday night, and frozen ground
produced a nice temporary spot for geese.

There was a big rainstorm Sunday night, accompanied by thunder and lightning (not our usual fare for January), which cleared the sidewalks (and lawns) of most of the snow and ice. So walking Oscar this week has been a pleasure.

We had my city cousin and her husband of 15 months over for a Sunday afternoon late lunch, which was their bridal shower gift - it took this long for our calendars to align. My parents came, too, and G enjoyed all the conversation, which really pleased me. And was pretty wiped out by the time they all left.

And last, I received a check from a class action suit that I had heard nothing about for more than three years, so this was a nice little surprise. Not that $40 will make or break us, but a friend of mine told me of waiting several years for a class action settlement and finally getting her check -- for $2. That makes the $40 seem positively lavish.

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  1. Those geese look pretty cheerful, don't they?
    A cheque is always welcome, and nice that things are settled at last. Thanks for joining in once again! xxx

  2. Ooh, what will you do with your windfall? I say blow it all on a really good meal somewhere...

    Odd weather you've been having. It seems to have bypassed us - I think we got snow instead. How nice to have accidental geese.

  3. Those geese look beautiful, what lovely photos. We've had stormy weather here too, and almighty hail downpours, but no snow. I do like the light in the stormy weather, I wished I had my camera out this week, as there have been some ominous skies.

    Lovely having family for a meal, my favourite thing to do! Also great about your cheque, I agree with mrs micawber, how about a meal out?

  4. Happy day for the geese. This seems to be a very weird winter all around.
    I am glad that you had time to be with loved ones and that G enjoyed it.
    Hooray for unexpected bonuses. Happy spend it on something totally unnecessary and frivolous.

  5. What a nice surprise for the geese! And, Mrs. Micawber is right! Time to go out to dinner. :) Happy Week!

  6. Good ideas on blowing the money on something frivolous, friends - so I'm going to spend it on a foot/body massage at a local Chinese foot massage place. It will part of my cheerfulness for this week.


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