Friday, April 4, 2008

Liberty and other gardens

Comes back every year.

The rabbits must love these.
They are chewed down to nubs.
And the winter aconites I took a picture of?
Had been eaten by the next day.

And some work to prepare the Liberty Garden.

Switch to the pitchfork.

Before I plant anything,
must get a fence to keep out the rabbits.

Supervised by Quincy.


  1. Yay!! So it begins! Good for you! (You're not regretting it after all that tough labor are you?! Hope not!)

  2. I miss the reoccuring rhubarb:( Especially now that it is strawberry season in Florida. I love to mix the Rhubarb in with my strawberry preserves to add a much needed tang. I am not sure about Box elder bugs but we have Cockroaches the size of a human hand called palmetto bugs. I couldn't take the time to document their humane removal from our home. there is a skeeve factor involved that is beyond anything you could fathom. This from someone with a science degree:)

  3. Wow, I can't believe you are starting already. I guess i will have to go out and check to see if anything is coming up. I have herbs that stayed green because they were under snow. The dog kennel yard is still frozen and I can't clean that out yet. That was going to be my first big project..i've been waiting a month now for it to thaw. Good luck with your garden this year. Exciting.

  4. I've been fascinated watching my first rhubarb clump emerge this year - it's very odd! I hope it takes and I can enjoy it for years to come too...


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