Friday, April 11, 2008

A Dog's Life

I'm afraid Quincy is not as articulate as his friend Poppy
at Chez Magpie.
But he'll share some thoughts anyway.

1. Exercise regularly, even if it's wet and blustery and your fur blows around.

2. Get plenty of rest. Don't be too picky about when and where.

3. Once it lands on the floor, it can be used as a pillow.

4. Be tolerant of your humans' need to do goofy things to you. If it amuses them to rearrange some of your fur into a comb-over, let them do it. Laughter is healthy, and they need it.

5. If your human loses her temper at you, forgive her. She's probably just obsessing over some little spot on the carpet. She doesn't understand that "things" are just not that important.

6. If you lose your temper at your human, quickly make up with her. Whatever she did to cause you to lose your temper is not as important as your relationship with her.

7. A dog's job is to be an example to his humans about what is important. And humans have trouble remembering what is important. So you will have to show them again and again:

Friendship. Forgiveness. Tolerance. Love.


  1. I just can't imagine not having a dog now. Even though one of mine in particular drives me crazy with his naughtiness (I'll leave you to decide which one!)

  2. Awww.... great pos Ginnie. He seems like such a dear litle soul!

  3. Poppy says that she recommends not rolling when you go for a walk - because even if your people love you very much they still insist on washing you. She has discovered this link late in life and wishes to pass on The Knowledge!


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