Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It was such a perfect weekend.

Headed to the cottage with G and Arleen,
a wonderful caregiver we've known for five weeks
and who is now also our dear friend.

Drove through a torrential downpour and thunderstorm on the way,
but arrived to dry air and sunny skies.

My mom came down to the pier to sit while I swam (floated, really),
and we got caught up.

After dinner, a hot air balloon launched nearby,

and what a pleasure it was to watch it ascend
into the beautiful evening sky.

Celebrated G's birthday a bit early, with brunch for the family.

Visited the garden of friends of my parents,
looking for inspiration for perennial color,
as my garden is at a low point right now.
Then went to two nurseries, also looking for inspiration,
and found this brilliant phlox.

There was only one, and as this plant is not deer resistant,
my mom and I didn't have to fight over which garden it will grace.
It came back to Illinois with me.

Worked around the yard, pulling weeds,
cutting back spent day lily stalks,
and dodging the sprinklers my dad had going
while putting up stakes and twine around the swale gardens
which are being eaten by deer or rabbits or both
despite regular spraying with deer-repellant.

Sat on the porch with my parents and Arleen,
and G was especially engaged and found a lot to laugh about.

Admired the Joe Pye weed along the shoreline.

And the water was so clear,

even the zebra mussels clinging to the rocks were visible.

After the long trip home, G said, "I can feel that I'm improving."
My throat closed up, and I had difficulty answering him.
Yes, love, I can feel that, too.


  1. He did have a good day, didn't he?
    It looks like a beautiful spot to be in. I can well imagine how lovely it must have been to float in that water.
    Thank you for the visits.

  2. What a beautiful weekend to treasure. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos. My love to you and G.

  3. Wow, I too have noticed an improvement. I'm so happy for Gerrit and you!


Thank you!