Monday, August 29, 2011

Stood up at the checkout counter

Not stood up, actually. Stiffed. Not paid by the ebay buyer. No responses to my emails or to ebay's "open case" queries (whatever those might be). So I've relisted it on behalf of my boss. I'm curious, though, why someone would bid on a very expensive piece of equipment if they didn't intend to pay for it.

It's an infrared camera, aka a thermal imager, used to "see" temperature differences when testing homes and buildings for air leaks and sufficient insulation - all about comfort and energy conservation. It's one of the tools used by energy consultants, and my boss recently upgraded to a newer model so doesn't need this one.

To show potential buyers that this is a working piece of equipment, we included in the listing two pictures of the camera in use (by me, but all I did was hold the IR camera while my boss took the pictures - I'm office help with very superficial knowledge of this business).

In the IR camera image, the window at the left shows up as light colored, not because it is covered with a white blind, but because it was a warm day and the window was warmer than the walls of the office. Dark areas are cooler in the images. When testing homes in cold weather, the windows appear dark (because they are colder than the walls), and if there are air leaks in the walls around windows or doors, they appear as dark streaks in the images. Documenting this information helps a homeowner or building owner know what kind of remediation is needed to improve comfort and reduce energy waste.

Isn't that interesting? I think so.

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