Wednesday, August 24, 2011


On days like this, I wish for an attached garage.

The rain held off while I picked up G from the day program,
but as we drove home, the skies opened.

We sat in the car, waiting for the rain to subside,
listening to it pounding on the car roof,

watching it cascade over the windshield,
turning the view into a series of Impressionist paintings.

After I ran to the house to unlock it
and retrieve a jacket for G,
the rain slowed, then stopped.

The sun came out and changed the landscape.

When I went into the day program today,
G was sitting at a table with the other men,
playing a game.
He turned to me and asked with a little smile,
Are you mad at me?

Mad? No, why?

Because I'm not ready to leave.

Could it be week 10 is the turning point?


  1. Last weekend G felt he was improving. Now, he is wanting to stay longer at the day care. These are gifts for sure.

  2. I agree with Carlie. Small gifts..keep them in your heart and remember small can be huge.
    I know that this is such a simple thing for me to say. I am not where you are, but it could be for me or for my love.
    Best to you, e.
    p.s. Your photos of the rain are lovely.

  3. Dear Ginnie,
    Do you have an email account that you would be comfortable about sharing with me? I have a question to ask you.
    Thanks and if this is not o.k. with you that is fine.


Thank you!