Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We have pills

Not the kind one takes by mouth - though we have plenty of these in our household.

These pills are the kind that develop on fabric. G, who wears sweatshirts and sweatpants nearly every day, has one brand (a big, national brand) that unaccountably, started to pill after only a few months' wear.

Can you see all the pills?

I had been so happy with this line when I first found out about it - the clothing is made from an eco-friendly fabric that uses a small percentage of recycled plastic in the fiber content. Yes, yes, I know - it sounds icky, but when new, the sweatshirts and pants felt soft and wonderful. And the name: EcoSmart. How could I not like it?

After a few months of washing and wearing, though, they started to feel rough - all of them. Three sweatshirts, four pairs of sweatpants. G has sweatshirts from other manufacturers that must be 15 years old or more and are still soft and smooth.

This is a different brand, 15 years old at least, washed weekly, and no pills.
We have 3 brands that are fine, and one that is not.

When I took a closer look at the rough-feeling garments, I could see that there were little balls of ... I don't know. Is it the recycled plastic? Is it cotton? Why is this happening?

Different sweatshirt, same problem

I finally got around to calling the manufacturer to tell them about it, and the woman I spoke to was very nice. She is sending me a postage paid sticker so I can send the shirts and pants back for someone to look at. I forgot to ask what the turnaround time is, as G really goes through the clothing. I don't want to stock up on replacements until I know what the resolution is. Guess I'll be doing laundry more frequently for a while.

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