Monday, April 11, 2011


Friday night, as G lay on his bed at the rehab center and I sat in the chair next to him, he suddenly said, "Your brother is here."

Well - that's unlikely. One lives more than an hour's drive from us, the other in New Orleans. Neither yet knew that G had been transferred from the hospital to the rehab center. But I kept my eye on the doorway, and a few minutes later, a man walked past who actually does resemble my older brother - younger, but remarkably like him. He was the nurse on duty that evening on G's wing.

This evening when he was back on duty, I told him about G's comment, assured him that my brother was the best-looking one in the family, and asked if I could take his picture. He kindly agreed.

Other than the glasses, he's a pretty good match. Thought you might want to see.


  1. Wouldn't it be fun if other sibling lookalikes showed up?!

  2. I had a lookalike in when I was in college. Even the brother of my lookalike thought I was the lookalike (his sister)!


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